Dublin Skeptics in the Pub – Martin Gardner Skeptic Supreme


Thursday 13 March, The Stags Head Pub at 20:30

Dubliner Colm Mulcahy is Professor of Mathematics at Spelman College, Atlanta, GA. He is currently on leave and visiting The American University in Washington, DC. He’s blogged for the MAA, Aperiodical, Huffington Post and Scientific American. He recently published the 380-page full-colour book “Mathematical Card Magic” (CRC Press). He was fortunate to know Martin Gardner for the last decade of his life.

Colm will be giving a talk about Martin Gardner, including personal reminiscences, a survey of the legacy of puzzle expert and rationality champion Martin Gardner (1914-2010) who wrote the book “Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science” over sixty years ago and later played a major role in the founding of CSICOP and “Skeptical Inquirer” magazine, including Gardner’s little known Irish interests and connections.
Gardner fans may be interested in http://www.martin-gardner.org/, and the Twitter accounts @WWMGT and @MGardner100th

Colm’s website it http://cardcolm.org/ and he tweets at @CardColm.

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Dublin Skeptics in the Pub – Martin Gardner Skeptic Supreme