Skeptics in the Pub 11th December

Our next Skeptics in the Pub meeting will be in the Lord Edward on the 11th December at 6pm.

We are going to have a chat about how possible it is to apply skepticism to voting in Ireland. Fool’s errand? We will also have heard all the bad news surrounding the budget – let’s face it, we will need a drink.

Our good friends from Occam’s Barbershop will be there, trying to get you to commit your opinions to some form of recording – or so I am led to believe!

Hope to see you all there.

Skeptics in the Pub 11th December

3 thoughts on “Skeptics in the Pub 11th December

  1. Dang. Not gonna make it tonight. Was looking forward to having a chat with the lads from Ockam’s Barbershop. I’m sure it won’t be the last SITP they attend though.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Well it was a great night, sorry you couldn’t make it Andy!
    I always sound surprised, but I had a wonderful evening. Always great to see new faces and I hope they had as much fun as me (and that we didn’t scare them too much!).

  3. I’m sure they had fun. Ended up going home early and watching a bunch of Hitchcock movies. Nice way to spend an evening. I was just too knackered to head out again.

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