The times they are a’changing

Hi all,

Once again there is going to be a bit of a shake up in the land of and the Skeprechauns.

Due to work demands etc. some people will be stepping back and others will be forging forward to keep delivering you the Irish content you have come to expect from our mythical beings and mere mortals alike!

I will be stepping into the breach to look after the website and take care of podcasts. If you want to contact me regarding these in the mean time you can catch me @DJBexbot on Twitter or through the Irish Skeptics in the Pub, Dublin Facebook page.

I should be bringing you a short podcast over the next week, to explain a little bit more about what we have planned for the next year.

Watch this space as this February is the one year anniversary of our very first Skeptics in the Pub meet up. Hopefully we will have something memorable to mark the occasion with, and cake (any excuse for cake).

Talk to you all soon,


The times they are a’changing