Ronald Green “Nothing Matters” – Skeptics in the Exchange

The next Dublin Skeptics event will take place in the Exchange at 7:30 on Saturday 3rd March when our speaker Ronald Green will be discussing – nothing.

Why should nothing matter? If anything matters, why should nothing matter? And yet it does, for there isn’t anything, it seems, that nothing does not touch, or anything that does not touch nothing. History, philosophy, religion, science, art, literature, music – all look towards nothing at some point, stimulating questions that would otherwise not be asked.

Who, for example, could have believed that nothing held back progress for 600 years in the Middle Ages, all because of mistaken translation, or that nothing is a way to tackle (and answer) the perennial question “what is art?”? Ronald Green uses nothing in a genuine attempt to look at the world in a different way, to give new angles to old problems and so to stimulate new thoughts.

What is this nothing, that we can’t actually see, touch or feel? Is it absolute? Is it relative to everything else? If we are able to think about it, write and read about it, is it something, and if so wouldn’t it then not be nothing?

This is precisely the mystery of nothing – that the more we think about it, the more there is to it.

Disarmingly invisible, the point of nothing – to paraphrase Bertrand Russell on philosophy – is to start with something so simple as to seem not worth examining, and to end with something so paradoxical that no one will believe it.

Ronald Green is the author of “Nothing Matters – a book about nothing” (iff-Books). Philosopher, linguist, university lecturer and ESL teacher, with 13 ESL books published, Ronald has lectured and given workshops in Europe, North and South America and the Middle East on linguistics, ESL and the use of the Internet in education. His short stories have been published in Nuvein magazine, Tryst, Aesthetica, the Sink and Unholy Biscuit. He has completed a philosophical novel and co-authored a psychological thriller with strong philosophical underpinnings. For the past five years he has been thinking seriously about nothing, culminating in his recently-published book.

If you are from near Cork city Ronald will be giving his talk to the Cork Skeptics on Friday 2nd March, details here.

Big thanks to Alan from the Cork Skeptics for sharing his poster design with us.

Ronald Green “Nothing Matters” – Skeptics in the Exchange

3 thoughts on “Ronald Green “Nothing Matters” – Skeptics in the Exchange

  1. Chris Morris says:

    If EVER there was absolutely nothing – no matter, no time, no space, no other dimension, no being, no existence, no creator – how is there anything now ?

    1. Rebecca says:

      I think that is possibly the question Ronald is attempting to answer and why you might find the talk interesting! I’m reading is book and it is even trying to tackle a question such as that is what makes the topic engaging.
      It’s not just about whether nothing does or does not exist but that the argument itself tells you something about the people having that discussion (historically, philosophically etc)

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