My QED Highlights

Over the weekend of the 10th and 11th of March a few of us from Dublin Skeptics in the Pub headed over to QEDCon in Manchester for a weekend of sceptical talks and debate. The talks were highly enjoyable and informative and will soon hopefully be available online. Although there were many things that I enjoyed I have managed to compile a list of my favourite five things from the conference which should hopefully match some of yours. If not, feel free to add them to the comments below so we can have a post QED nostalgia trip!

  1. Hearing Florence Nightingales voice from a photograph recording during Sarah Angliss’ talk on sound.
  2. Edzard Ernst’s “artwork” of The Prince of Wales Charles and Deborah Hyde’s photographs of modern day “werewolves”. I also loved the depictions of werewolves in literature and films.
  3. Ian Ridpath showing us pictures of UFOs and teaching us what they really were.
  4. Richard Saunders demonstrating how Power Balance Bands really work.
  5. Massimo Polidoro and the girl who could mummify eggs.

Looking forward to hearing all your highlights and stories from QEDCon 2012.