Manchester, Liverpool and then the world!

I have been lucky enough that I have been asked to give my talk “Confessions of a Former Help Food Shop Worker” in the UK twice this year.

Firstly for the Greater Manchester Skeptics in July, at which I had a great time! They are a great group of people and I just loved the amount of audience interaction. We had a good laugh, mostly at my expense but what else are the Irish good at if not self deprecation. Having been to QED Con twice now (have you bought your 2013 ticket yet?!) it was great to see the Mancunian Skeptics in a less hectic environment.

Then this month I was delighted to head to Liverpool to give a talk to the Merseyside Skeptics. Being a big fan of Skeptics with a K having Mike doing the sound and Marsh and Colin the audience was a great experience. Again I loved how involved the group got with the Q&A section and the feedback I got was stellar. I think my talk will evolve a good deal more following the conversations I had in the pub after. Any group that bring me to a pub that serve Hendricks gin with cucumber can do very little wrong in my book.

I just wanted to thank both groups for hosting me and I look forward to meeting many of you again in April 2013 at QED con!