21 signs you’re jaded as a skeptic

There are a few blogs that I have in my RSS feed just to give me a bit of motivation with my own pet projects. One of these is the Time Management Ninja who recently blogged about 21 Signs You Are Failing At Time Management. Don’t get me wrong, these blogs (along with ones on frugality, creativity and decluttering) I read in an aspirational way and very little makes its way into my daily routine in any meaningful sense. It was that last post by TMN that really made me think about how apathetic I can be towards my skepticism. As listeners to the podcast will know, I find it easy to speak to my skepticism but much, much harder to write about it much less anything more involved. I am also under no illusions that I will ever have the where-with-all to organise something like the 1023 campaign or Project Barnum. I do find myself frustrated with how jaded I feel towards “our” cause at times. I do really feel like I am often up that creek without a paddle, so I thought I would air my 21 Signs You Are Jaded as a Skeptic in the hopes that I can reinvigorate my own passion for science, skepticism and critical thinking.

1. You retweet links on skepticism without actually reading the link content because the figure you trust the source who tweeted it to you.
2. You actively avoid the health pages in a newspaper or magazine as you can’t bear to see the latest supplement with celebrity endorsement. (This also applies to shop stands, it’s a sad day when you find yourself getting angry at a card board cut out of Rihanna.)
3. Rolling your eyes is the default reaction to any headline read out to you by a co-worker in the staff room (or in my case you develop a smirk wrinkle).
4. You don’t say “Facepalm” anymore – you just do it … almost continuously.
5. If you have to define what a feminist is again you may just become a feminazi as it seems like the more rational choice given the evidence.
6. You can’t even seem to feign surprise at what the Republican Party have said this time.
7. Sometimes you really do feel like you’re in ground hog day when you see the latest
skeptical “shit storm”.
8. There is the odd time when you really do wonder “Are we the baddies/killjoys?”
9. You have two emails for nearly every skeptic in your inbox and quite often you can’t match up the “real” name with the skeptical one.
10. At times you have a moment of imposter syndrome and wonder when everyone else if going to realise that you’re just a slightly louder grumpier fecker than all the other dissenters, then get some sense and stop listening to you.
11. You avoid sharing skeptical links on Facebook because you just can’t bear another unending post-battle with an old school mate who swears that their alternative therapy is the genuine one.
12. You sometimes worry you are far too young to be thinking about your blood pressure.
13. The only boards you ever go to on the SGU forums are the gaming ones, as all others are just far too depressing to contemplate.
14. You come to the conclusion that all those other skeptics must be able to manipulate the laws of time and space to get as much research/blogging/podcasting and day job done at the same time. You know the ones I mean, and all you do is both envy and quietly curse them.
15. Late at night, you do seriously wonder if God is really testing you, or even worse have you been sent specifically to test others?
16. The other nights you find yourself looking back fondly on the “before times” at how simple life could be before you decided to get informed and start thinking about everything.
17. You have a recurring nightmare where you are hoisted with our own petard (whatever your particular favourite “petard” is) in the most epic and public fashion possible.
18. Even the shortest of interesting posts makes you think tl;dr.
19. As jokingly as you may have said it, the rapture would have made your life a whole lot easier and less “fail-full”.
20. You realise you can’t think of 21 reasons… so it really can’t be that bad!
21. See above.