CONvergence 2013 (#cvg2013)

Hi All,

This is a bit of a cross post from my blog ( re: my upcoming panels at  CONvergence in Minneapolis:

I’m heading to the twin cities for my most favourite of all the conventions (sorry OctoconCONvergence.

It’s all out geekery with books, films, radio plays, science, skepticism and party rooms.

I’m going to be on a number of panels, some of which are part of the SkepchickCon… So I’m super excited.

Here’s my “absolutely will be at as I am on the top table” schedule:

Thursday 4th July:

5:00pm:             British Slang 101
I plan on taking over this panel and talking
solely about Irish Slang.. it’s FAR superior to
British slang anyways :oP
7:00pm:            There’s more to British Comedy than Python
I mean, clearly there’s more. I may
crowdsource some ideas from twitter before
the con, or leave a comment here listing your
favourite British comedies.. the less said
about Mrs Brown tho, the better..

Saturday 6th July:

12:30pm: The Gods of Geekdom
They mention the gods of comic books in the
listing for this panel. I don’t read comics, but I
do read all of the fantasy.. the one question
I’ll be raising is how can Brandon Sanderson
still be Mormon?
10:00pm: The British Anti-Science Invasion
I’ll mostly be talking vaccines here. It’s a
pretty good thing that all my masters
assignments revolved around vaccines.. I will
be putting all of that research to good use in
this panel. It’ll be infinitely better than
#Vilten.. honest

Sunday 7th July:

3:30pm: Lesser known British Comedy
I think I’m going to stick with things not
traditionally looked on as comedy here.. I may
even stray into podcast territory.

I’m going through the rest of the program atm and trying to figure out how to split myself into 5 or get one of them Time-Turner thingamajigs.. but once I do figure out what I absolutely cannot miss I’ll update my SCHED (It’s a thing).

I am totally looking forward to #CVG2013..

It’s gonna be LEGEN – (wait for it) – DARY! Legendary.


CONvergence 2013 (#cvg2013)