What is going on in the skeptical world?

Homoeopaths consider playing the race card: http://skepchick.org/2011/05/homeopaths-we-can-play-the-race-card/

Will they ever officially admit that they are making it up as they are going along?

We’re told sitting can kill you?: http://imgur.com/eH22I

Are the devil pictures a nice touch?

For some nerdy astrophysics-y fun, there’s a new game out: http://universesandbox.com/

Gravity is all the more fun when crash into each other in fiery explosions.

Particle physicists have again not found the Higgs: http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/life-and-physics/2011/may/11/1

They’re just teasing at this stage.

#SuperInjuction : http://www.skeptical-science.com/humor/superinjunction/

How much would you pay so your wife wouldn’t find out about the other woman?

What is going on in the skeptical world?


Is it rude to put an email on a public forum? I hadn’t time to reword and post. Unsure why I got an email… But looks interesting? Shall do some googling later.

“Dear Colleagues,

Best wishes for the New Year!

A General meeting of the Irish Section of Euroscience will be held at 6 pm on Wednesday 2nd February in the Science Gallery, Pearse Street, Dublin 2 (http://www.sciencegallery.com/find_us).


  1. Matters arising from the meeting of 6th March 2010.
  2. Appointment of the Executive Committee of Euroscience Ireland. The Acting Executive will recommend the following membership: