Skeptical about the role of feminism

This is a very personal stand point, I will put that right up front. So get ready for an opinion piece.

It all started when an episode of Little Atoms went up featuring an interview with Kat Banyard called The Equality Illusion. I did not agree with many, if most, of the views expressed in this interview. So without giving a blow-by-blow account of how I felt about each topic covered I can safely say I had a reaction to its content that was not positive. Mostly what annoyed me was the absence of any debate. Feminism is a band wagon we must all climb abroad. Not just women’s rights, but a brand of feminism that appears to take issue with most facets of modern society. Not only that but takes some issues, such as body image, and makes them purely feminist. A stand point that can be put on shaky ground just by pointing out the existence of anti ageing cosmetics and cosmetic surgeries aimed solely at men.

Next Live Broadcast – Thursday 5.30pm

The next live Skeprechauns broadcast will start at 5.30pm on Thursday 11th November. The show will be availiable as a downloadable podcast afterwards:

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- Regulation of herbal medicine

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Navelwards the Skeptics Gaze

In a vain and self serving attempt to extend my lasting impact on the universe beyond some rapidly aging family photos and that one drunken story my friends endlessly reminisce about, I have decided I need to coin a law. Considering the fact they’ll name laws after you for the most feeble of statements (Stein’s law says that “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop”. I mean, come on, that’s not even trying) I am confident that my deeply insightful but handily phrased phrase shall be the talk of Malcolm Gladwell readers in no time.