Sheep, Shills and Freedom of Speech in the Conspiracy Community

Today I commented on “The Sovereign Independent”‘s rant about the Irish Independents’ piece on conspiracy theories. As I was quoted by Ed in the article on behalf of Skeptic Ireland, the Sovereign really let rip and told me I was a New World Order shill. Despite the furious tone of the Sovereign article and ominous threats that I would be “held accountable” for my “inaction”, I wanted to respond to the author Neil and engage in debate. Sadly, the entire comment thread was deleted, so I’m going to post my comments here instead.

Initial Comment

Sheep, Shills and Freedom of Speech in the Conspiracy Community

Poking the bear

It’s funny how one little quote can inspire such vitriol and anger.

When I was emailed by Ed Power about his impending article for the Irish Independent I immediately thought of one of our skeptics, Jamie. He is much more interested in the “conspiracy theory” end of skepticism and also runs a really interesting group called the Longnow Foundation for Dublin.

So this one little quote, mentioning this website brought down a small (okay, tiny) hail of brimstone down on myself today. I suppose this what happens when you put an email address out there – eventually someone will email you who doesn’t exactly agree with you world view.

Poking the bear

What is going on in the skeptical world?

Homoeopaths consider playing the race card:

Will they ever officially admit that they are making it up as they are going along?

We’re told sitting can kill you?:

Are the devil pictures a nice touch?

For some nerdy astrophysics-y fun, there’s a new game out:

Gravity is all the more fun when crash into each other in fiery explosions.

Particle physicists have again not found the Higgs:

They’re just teasing at this stage.

#SuperInjuction :

How much would you pay so your wife wouldn’t find out about the other woman?

What is going on in the skeptical world?