As a Feminist…

Note: To be honest, there is a slight feeling of unease writing about feminism when you’re… well, how can I put this delicately… Male? However, if I were stopped on the street and asked “do you label yourself a feminist?” I’d say yes, so I’d hardly be true to my views if I shirked away from writing about these things just because I’m one X chromosome short of a better set of hips.

Feminists need not apply

I have to admit during the last week I could find no inspiration for a new post. Nothing sparked my imagination but today something sparked my ire. So the wonderful fan-tabulous QEDcon are hosting this year’s Skeptic Awards in which skeptics of the world can vote for their favourite podcasters, blogs etc.

As I have written about in the past I have not always identified as a feminist. However as I worked through a Masters, which led me to read a lot of scholarly works about feminist theory, and by talked to more people about it my understanding and acceptance of the term has grown. It has also become clear to me that a lot of people fundamentally misunderstand what feminism is.

The Skeptical Museum

Anyone who gets to know me figures out pretty quickly one of my main passions (other than the skeptical movement of course) – museums. I love museums, the way they smell, sound, feel, the odd micro climate they often harbour and even the varying forms of museum worker you find lurking within. Some of those workers are like me – the strange morlock people squirreled away in dimly lit back rooms caring for objects that the public rarely see.