Dublin Skeptics in the Pub – Martin Gardner Skeptic Supreme


Thursday 13 March, The Stags Head Pub at 20:30

Dubliner Colm Mulcahy is Professor of Mathematics at Spelman College, Atlanta, GA. He is currently on leave and visiting The American University in Washington, DC. He’s blogged for the MAA, Aperiodical, Huffington Post and Scientific American. He recently published the 380-page full-colour book “Mathematical Card Magic” (CRC Press). He was fortunate to know Martin Gardner for the last decade of his life.

Humanist Association of Ireland

I am just in the door from giving a talk to the Humanist Association of Ireland on what is means to be a skeptic and the story of the Dublin Skeptics in the Pub. I had a wonderful time talking to them and I hope I managed to communicate to them what skepticism means to me and what drives me to keep our group going and growing.

For anyone that is interested here is the Prezi of my talk:

Manchester, Liverpool and then the world!

I have been lucky enough that I have been asked to give my talk “Confessions of a Former Help Food Shop Worker” in the UK twice this year.

Firstly for the Greater Manchester Skeptics in July, at which I had a great time! They are a great group of people and I just loved the amount of audience interaction. We had a good laugh, mostly at my expense but what else are the Irish good at if not self deprecation. Having been to QED Con twice now (have you bought your 2013 ticket yet?!) it was great to see the Mancunian Skeptics in a less hectic environment.

James Onen talks to Dublin Skeptics in the Pub

We have been lucky enough to be included in the tour that James Onen is doing of the UK and Ireland.

So at 6pm on Sunday 9th October he will giving a talk about “The Rise of Skepticism In Uganda”. He is an author on the blog Free Thought Kampala if you would like some further reading!

Any and all donations to the cost of bringing James in Ireland are greatly welcomed, as well as donations to our wonderful hosts, Exchange Dublin.

As usual in the Exchange there shall be cake and refreshments – feel free to bring along some treats!

Richard Wiseman – May 5th Skeptics in the Exchange

Once again we are lucky enough to bag ourselves an amazing guest through luck and serendipity.

Richard Wiseman has very kindly offered to give us a talk call “Researching the Impossible” at 9pm, Thursday May 5th in Exchange Dublin.

As always in the Exchange we can bring along our own cake, snacks and (non-alcoholic) drinks. Have a look at some of the pictures from the George Hrab gig to see some of delicious treats we enjoyed! Also there is a kettle and mugs, so you can even have a cuppa and enjoy a world-class talk.

See you then!

1023 Campaign Overdose hits Dublin (Airport)

Fresh off the plane from Manchester, having spent a hectic fun-filled weekend at the QED Conference, some Irish Skeptics did us proud and overdosed on homeopathic Belladonna in Dublin Airport:

For more info on the 1023 Campaign, visit here.

Homeopathy – There’s Nothing In It

Skeptics in the Pub 11th December

Our next Skeptics in the Pub meeting will be in the Lord Edward on the 11th December at 6pm.

We are going to have a chat about how possible it is to apply skepticism to voting in Ireland. Fool’s errand? We will also have heard all the bad news surrounding the budget – let’s face it, we will need a drink.

Our good friends from Occam’s Barbershop will be there, trying to get you to commit your opinions to some form of recording – or so I am led to believe!

Hope to see you all there.

Skeptical about the role of feminism

This is a very personal stand point, I will put that right up front. So get ready for an opinion piece.

It all started when an episode of Little Atoms went up featuring an interview with Kat Banyard called The Equality Illusion. I did not agree with many, if most, of the views expressed in this interview. So without giving a blow-by-blow account of how I felt about each topic covered I can safely say I had a reaction to its content that was not positive. Mostly what annoyed me was the absence of any debate. Feminism is a band wagon we must all climb abroad. Not just women’s rights, but a brand of feminism that appears to take issue with most facets of modern society. Not only that but takes some issues, such as body image, and makes them purely feminist. A stand point that can be put on shaky ground just by pointing out the existence of anti ageing cosmetics and cosmetic surgeries aimed solely at men.

QEDcon, Manchester 5th-6th Feb 2011

We are all very excited here to see that our fellow Skeptics in the north of England have gotten together to organise a conference for the growing skeptical community. They have a fabulous line up that is still being added to still, and have just announced that Dr Steven Novella will be speaking (have to admit, I got very excited at that news!). All news can be found here.

I will be in attendance, and I have got my ticket to the Gala dinner – I can always be lured by promises of food. If you are a student there is a discount too.