Skeptics in the Pub

Dublin Skeptics in the Pub is an informal social event designed to promote fellowship and social networking among skeptics, critical-thinkers, and other like-minded individuals. It provides an opportunity for skeptics and rationalists to talk, share ideas in a casual, relaxed atmosphere, and discuss whatever topical issues come to mind, as well as having fun while promoting skepticism, science, and rationality.

The group was founded at a Hallowe’en Party in late 2009 and held its first meeting in February 2010 under the original name: Irish Skeptics in the Pub. Since then it has hosted a myriad of events, ranging from a small gig, talks, book swaps, brunches and even a walking tour.

A good friend of the group, Andy (a founding member of our podcast) set us up the companion websites of Skeptic Ireland and then The Skeprechauns. These days the websites are at the tender mercies of Greg, our resident tech-monkey.

We meet once a month, usually on a Saturday. Although we often meet in a pub (The Lord Edward on Dame Street or The Black Sheep on Capel Street) some of our events are alcohol free.

Many of our members have contributed to the website’s posts over the years, though most content here is posted by Rebecca and Finn. We are happy to host any appropriate content for the promotion of science and skepticism in Ireland and beyond, and if you would like to be a contributor or have any questions, suggestions or feedback please use the emails on the contact us page.