Massey Ferguson 175 hydraulics stop working

Massey Ferguson 175 hydraulics stop working 2 Problems

I have a Massey Ferguson 175 with a 3 cylinder Perkins diesel that has recently started having problems with the hydraulic system. I still have good oil pressure (assuming the gauge is correct), but the arms are no longer able to lift at all, with or without weight on them; the power steering seems to still work, its still easy to steer. Before this, you would have a bit of a shake to your arm movement and power steering, but everything was strong – no problem lifting a heavy 6 ‘bush hog, around 800 pounds with a boom stick, etc. and the tractor itself runs quite well, the engine is smooth, no strange noises.

The first time it started, I drained a couple gallons of oil, took the cap off the right side (with the dipstick), and looked inside, poking a bit at the levers. I turned it on so I could see how things were moving, and the arms went back up without me doing anything, so I went back to using it.

A few days later, the same, the arms no longer go up. This time I took off the entire top cover, looked around and noticed that the standpipe o-rings were broken at both ends, so I replaced them; It seemed logical that that could cause problems. Again, I rode it again, and it worked for a few more days, mostly running the bush hog. The only problem was that sometimes the arms would stick up, but when briefly switching to position control they would be lowered and then the position lever would adjust up and down properly again.

Now I’ve got my arms never raised again, and in the hope that this is the last time I have to take parts out of the tractor for a while, I thought I’d draw on the experience of all of you in hopes of getting a Better diagnosis than I can find by randomly rummaging through it.

It has fresh oil that matches the specifications in the manual, new hydraulic oil filter as well. The previous owner seems to have taken good care of her. Any suggestions on parts and pieces that you probably need to replace or adjust?

Massey Ferguson 175 hydraulics stop working

I don’t know if I can help you and I’m not a mechanic either, but I have driven an MF175 that my uncle had.

Are you sure it’s not a 4 cylinder Perkins Diesel you have there? I have an I&T service manual as well as a 175 illustrated parts book and there is no mention of a 3 cylinder diesel.

Anyway I’m uploading some pages from the I&T Service Manual … maybe you can see something in them that will help you out.

I loved the MF 175 with the 3 point hitch and multipower … a great hay tractor!

Please let me know if you need more photos and I also have an Operators Manual for Installation and Operation / Basic and Auxiliary Hydraulics for some of these Massey tractors.

Hope the images are large and legible enough. Perhaps others who view this thread will find the information useful.

It would be great to see a photo of your tractor too!

I know I’ve had “3 cylinder perkins” stuck in my head for years with it, but you’re right, it seems like everything online says 4 cylinders. Good thing I wasn’t trying to work on that part 🙂

Yes, definitely readable, I’m going to look over it and see if I see anything. Currently the plan is to stick a pressure gauge on the support tube and confirm that I am getting no pressure there as I expect. Assuming I confirm that there is no pressure in the lift cylinder as I am assuming, I am thinking that I am going to go ahead and replace the cheap parts around the pump – relief valve, control valve, etc. It’s not the most efficient option, but it won’t cost a lot and hopefully I won’t have to keep taking things apart that way. I will probably rebuild the pump, since everything I have read says that the tremor when it works means that it is likely to be necessary.

I put a meter in the test port on the transfer plate (where the support tube enters) and as expected, there is no pressure there. I removed the side lid and tried to move the levers by hand a bit to see if I could take things off if that was the cause, but no change.

Looking through the deck on the left side, there is an axis that rotates a little behind, on the left, and slightly down those control levers when the tractor is on. I guess it is the transmission shaft of the pump? What it would make sense, since the oil pressure gauge of the board registers the full pressure within a second or two of turning on the tractor, so logically the pump must be functioning.

I checked the oreings of the support tube as best I could through that plate, it seems that they are still fine too.

So I guess this weekend I’ll take the lift from the elevator again and try to see the interior better.

The manometer on the board is for the pressure of the engine oil, not for the pressure of the hydraulic oil.

Since the hydraulic system works off and on, it could be that the hydraulic oil filter needs to be replaced, the hydraulic oil tank cleaned, and the new oil.

I’m not sure about 175 without looking at the book of pieces online, but my old 180 had a separate pump for the assisted direction located near the front front of the engine.

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