Massey Ferguson 175 problem. How to taking the Multipower out

Massey Ferguson 175 problem. How to taking the Multipower out Problems

A customer recently called us and told us that he had an MF 175 that had the Multipower removed after it broke on the “high side” and now it only works with 8 forward and 2 reverse and is quite happy with it. performance. He says the mechanic got into the transmission and removed or modified the multipower and welded an existing gear to the clutch pack. Has anyone heard of this procedure? I can’t imagine exactly how this would work

Massey Ferguson 175 How to taking the Multipower out

First of all, a Multi-Power transmission has a high and low range with a 3-speed transmission, the clutch pack in the multi-power gives you a higher gear on each of the transmission gears with a total of 12 gears. If the multi-power clutch pack breaks, it can function as a 6-speed transmission. Some people go to a junkyard and buy a straight 8 speed and replace the whole transmission.

In the past, many Multi-Power transmissions were recalled because MF parts prices were prohibitive to repair, so salvage tractor 8-speed straight were purchased and the entire transmission was replaced. Now, due to competition with aftermarket parts, its repair is profitable, quite reasonable actually. That 175 tractor (built in America) is hard to beat when it comes to reliability, then and now.

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