Massey Ferguson 175 problem. Separate pump for the loader

Massey Ferguson 175 problem. Separate pump for the loader Problems

I have an MF 175 with a loader attached. It does not have a separate pump for the loader, but instead is powered by the tractor’s hydraulics, with hoses running from the PTO shift lever plate to attachments near the rear fender. Has anyone experience with this problem, or suggestions on how to at least slow it down? It seems to be in a very uncomfortable place to get to. I think I remember something about the o-rings on the fittings, thanks in advance

Massey Ferguson 175 how to Separate pump for the loader

Hydraulic hoses coming out of the PTO side plate will most likely have hydraulic fittings bolted to the end cap.

When the tractor was delivered from the factory with a loader mounted they used two 45 degree swivel nozzles with Dowty washers or “o” rings the offset made it easier to get the hoses in a tight spot if you are going to replace them I may suggest you replace the ones. from the inside at the same time, to do this remove the three Allen screws (note where the length goes) and then the PTO plate, inside the plate where the tubes go through and between the pump discharge block auxiliary you will see the “o” rings I suggest you put VITON “o” rings.

They are more robust and do not suffer the same as nitrile “o” rings, reassemble using the joint cement of your choice sparingly and you will be Ready. Interestingly, the tractor has a dual element gear pump, a low pressure one for the multipower and the main pump to supply the auxiliary hydraulic services, which can be inteconnected via a selector valve under the seat to include the main hydraulic pump. in the system giving more flow.

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