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Massey Ferguson 175 problems Problems

I have a Massey Ferguson 175 that I bought without any hydraulic or power take-off system. They told me it was overhauled and rebuilt and then stopped working a month after the previous owner took it back. I have removed the right cap (rod side) and have looked inside and some things look new. I can’t remove the left side as there are tubes and levers attached.

Hydraulic fluid leaked when I removed the cap. The PTO shaft can be turned by hand when the engine is off and I put the gear in (engine off) it keeps turning. The PTO does not work at all with the engine running, regardless of the position of the lever or anything else. Neither does the hydraulic system. I am open to each and every answer, all I ask is that we do not bombard this post with do this / do that messages. I am going to do one thing at a time and post photos before I go ahead / dismiss the issues and I hope that together we can solve this!

Massey Ferguson 175 PTO problems

I agree with DT that the pressure plate is probably stripped. The transmission input outer shaft drives the pressure plate, PTO, main hydraulic pump, and auxiliary hydraulic pump (which drives PTO and remote hydraulics). You probably need to split the tractor in the hood house to fix it. HTH’s Lee

What you are seeing is the TRANSMISSION gears turning, not the PTO transmission. The PTO drive is the solid shaft INSIDE the lower hollow driveshaft. I’d do a clutch split and see what you’ve got. If the hub is okay on the pressure plate turn the big shaft and see if it will drive the pumps, if not the trans may have damage to the PTO side. Hopefully it’s in the clutch assembly, if it worked fine for a while then it stopped.

That is exactly what my bird brain needs. Pictures and diagrams with colors and letters and numbers lol. I have the top cover off (pictured) I can’t see anything that is wrong or out of place except when I loosened the left cover I didn’t get the alignment bolt back into the housing and it rubbed a bit on the shaft when I moved it in the work area.

What is the next step? To recap I have the IPTO and it has a brand new pump which is awesome but not working. and if I removed the little roller before pulling the top cap away. The quality control system of the pump is the same as that of the water pump, but it does not work. Once again thanks to EVERYONE for all the help and advice. Let’s do this!

That very small line in your photo goes to the cap on the left side and has a tap for a gauge connection. The oil pressure should be around 125-150 psi with the lever in the forward position. The pump is driven full time by a shaft from the spline of the clutch pressure plate. “New pump” you say, I ran mine with the lift cap removed (at idle) to observe the operation of the clutch and PTO brake.

The brake will NOT stop the PTO with a load, i.e. the brush cutter. It is just to keep the spindle from turning in the off position.
Looking at the main pump hydraulics, I notice that it has a valve mounted on the lift deck (forward, right side). Could it be moved to the bypass position to supply oil to auxiliary equipment? If so, the lift arms will not work in that position. In the photo I posted, mine has a simple diverter valve that supplies oil to the four-way valve. Yours seems to be all in one valve.

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