MF 175 3pt lift troubles

MF 175 3pt lift troubles Problems

I am working with an Massey Ferguson 175 (MF 175) that we bought last winter. We recently bought a brush cutter. This is the first upload I have had in the 3pt. The 3pt lifts the mower smoothly. But, it raises it up to the transport position, no matter where you put the position lever. Once you get to the top position, you can lower the hog again, but you have very little control over the transport height of the lift.

With a load on the lift, it will move up and down on its own. It’s like the “drag mode” on my old Ford 8N. Since the mower is not a ground attachment, I don’t want the drag mode. I currently have the MF towing lever in the highest position. Should it be there? Any idea what causes this problem?

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Are you by any chance using the control lever on the PRESSURE CONTROL dial to raise your mower? Your tractor may not have an extended dial for pressure control. This dial will vary the pressure in the 3-point from approximately 500psi to the maximum pressure, but you will not have any control over the position. For POSITION CONTROL the lever must be at the rear of the dial. If this is not the case then there may be a problem such as a bent link between the main cross shaft shown in the picture and ultimately the pump control lever.
Let us know.

Our tractor has the extended dial for pressure control, but I have it in the position control part of the dial. Charles mentioned that the stall control lever should be roughly in the middle of its dial. But, the operator’s manual says that it should be in the full up position when using the position control. What is the correct position? Also, would the snap control setting have an effect on this problem?

I was intrigued by Charles’s comment. He would confirm that the DRAFT lever should be fully raised at all times, except when hauling, for example. It can also be used to control external items, such as a front loader, when the position control lever is constantly pumping.

The feedback control setting has no effect on the speed of the lift going up, but will affect the speed of going down.
I think your next step should be to drain the transmission oil down to the level of the bottom end cap screw and remove the cap. You will see that the vertical lever comes from above and meets the pump lever that rises from below.
Operate the position control lever and observe how the pump lever responds.

A few days ago I posted an answer on how should one respond to the other. Take a look and compare it with yours. I think you may find that as soon as you lift the position control lever, even partially, the pump lever will move all the way back and stay there instead of going back to vertical when the selected lift height is reached.

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