MF 175 engine problems

MF 175 engine problems Problems

My perkins 236 is “drooling” from the exhaust. My freind mechanic and I have done everything to this engine, including the head, piston sleeves rings, injectors (twice), injection pump, all to no avail. All this and no improvement. Does anyone have an opinion on this MF 175? Thanks for any advice. My tractor Massey Ferguson 175

MF 175 engine problems solved

Bought a 255 with a recent rebuild 236, when delivered it had a note attached no warranty as is, slobbered 2 qts. and better one day running at 1200 rpms pulling a potato digger with no real load, after the potato harvest the head that had new pistons and liners was removed, the # 2 cylinder had a 3 “vertical crack, the guides of the valves were worn ran perfect apart from dribbling oil, rebuilt it myself all new parts still going strong after over 20 years, perkins used chrome liners and rings also cast rings and liners any combination would work except chrome on chrome never will will settle, I have seen poorly packed parts multiple times in my time and expense

I bought an MF 255 with the perkins 236. It had been dusted and then rebuilt. It also expelled oil from the exhaust. I disassembled the motor and found the 2nd and 3rd scraper rings reversed. They are the rings between the compression ring and the oil ring. The scraper rings are used to clean the cylinder of any oil left by the oil rings.

Thanks to everyone who answered my questions. To answer some of your questions, the shop that made the head and rods / pistons is top notch. The owner is very particular. He machined the valve stem holes and installed brass valve guides, and installed all new valves to meet the valve boss specification. The engine kit came from TISCO and did not have chrome sleeves.

The muffler is new, but it doesn’t matter if it’s on or not, it’s still wet. The diesel shop that made the injectors and pump is also the best in this area. I still think this is a headache. Massey Ferguson 175 change the head design in 1974? I ask because my head is not the same as in the parts book or my 180. Again, thanks to everyone who has thought about this and responded.

Hi Just some ideas on this. I am working on a Massey Ferguson 175 – 3.152 Perkins engine right now. The pistons that are in it have multi-piece oil control rings with 5 parts. When I was looking to order the parts there was a technical sheet online that said that these ring parts had to be installed in a certain way. I wonder if you had these kinds of rings and they put together wrong. Glazing is possible, but I have never had an engine this bad from the start and a few hours of rebuilding.

I wonder if there could be a mismatch in the rings to the chrome cylinder liners I know some perks had chrome and some cast and I think I remember the rings have to match the right one for the sleeve type but not sure whether your engine could have both types installed. The other thing that may sound stupid, is the oil filled muffler from before repair and as it heats up and revs it pushes it out further. I once had a Belarus in the workshop for a guy. I made my head on it. It had been little used and started with any due to bad valve seats.

When I started it, it was drooling things from the exhaust after an hour of warm-up. I thought here we go more trouble and the rings are bad as the guy never wanted the pistons removed or anything else checked. I got to thinking and removed the silencer. It was full of a sticky substance that was also on the head when you removed I took a tiger torch, put it in the muffler inlet, and burned all the stuff hissed like a jet engine for about 10 minutes.I put the muffler back on and he never drool again.Hope some of this works or someone knows about the rings and sleeves.

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