MF 175 hydraulic problems part 2

MF 175 hydraulic problems part 2 Problems

I have an Massey Ferguson 175 with a front loader, and I’m having some trouble with it. The charger is powered by the internal pump in the transmission case. I have three problems that I assume are related.
There is a hydraulic fluid leak where the steel lines pass through the side of the gearbox by the PTO lever (the bulkhead fittings). I lose about a quarter of fluid in three hours of work.Hydraulic fluid has a milky / white appearance, as if it has water in it.

Perhaps the water is entering through the gearshift levers, which have badly worn boots.Recently the loader has become weaker and slower. It can only lift half of what it used to, and it rises very slowly. I have to rev the engine to full throttle to get it up, and if there’s too much weight it won’t lift. However, the cylinder that tilts the bucket still works fine.

I have been using hydraulic fluid from the local parts store, which they say is suitable for my application. I’d like to avoid having to remove the top of the case, which is the only way to get to things with bulkhead fittings. Should I change the fluids? And how could you get all the old fluid out of the lines and cylinders? Is there a way to change the filter without removing the top of the housing?

Any help / advice will be appreciated.

MF 175 hydraulic problems solved

Thanks for the advice. I have the option of auxiliary hydraulics on my tractor, with a “combination valve” located on top of the transmission housing, just below the front edge of the seat.

I have had a real problem figuring out / understanding how to use the hydraulics on this tractor. Mainly I have been using the inner dial on the position control to raise / lower the three points, with the fire control in the upper position. Since I use the tractor primarily for the maintenance of my 2.5 miles of private road, using a cutter on the three point, and never doing any plows, that seemed to work quite well.

Now I think I should use the draft control to raise / lower the three-point, and put the inner dial in high pressure position for the loader.
If you could figure out a quick and easy way to lock and unlock the 3-point in the raised position, I’d be happy to use the combination valve to give your loader more power. But I tend to use the blade a lot more than the charger.

The top cover has to come off, to get to the back of the bulkhead fittings and to change the filter unless the tractor has a 3 bolt plate under the gearbox. Before removing the cap remember to remove the small roller from between the forks on the control linkage on the response / rod side. In these tractors we only use 15W30 or 40 Super Universal oil.

I am assuming your pump is out of order as it is too small for heavy duty work, these tractors must be wired to combine the two pumps for cargo work, but both pump lines need non-return valves. If you want to get a few more years out of the tractor and everything else works fine then you could connect your main pump to the distributors via a bypass valve on the top deck, but this means blocking point 3 and putting the pump on constant pumping .

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