MF 175 positive or neg

MF 175 Problems

I hardly see any messages, positive or negative, here about the Massey Ferguson 175 (MF 175). They have been making them for quite a few years and have perfected them. A good size tractor with utility options with the power of Perkins (60-63 PTO HP).

Mine has two sets of hydraulic outlets, ROPS, independent PTO, 3pt, etc. Small enough to be agile, big enough to do anything. Mine is gas powered with multipower and works perfectly. Is it because they have few problems or what. I never see them mentioned here. I think that’s a good thing. Mine has been great. I also don’t see any for sale at CL or YT or much of anywhere accepting some of the beaters at TH etc. I just wonder out loud. (photo not mine)

MF 175 positive or neg

In the states anyway, money in those days had a lot to do with it. From the looks of David’s letter, times weren’t much better in the UK. People who really needed something this big, their 80s and 90s series, or other brands, were by no means out of stock, and yet this model could have been sold for what the entire farm was worth. I don’t recall that many Massey Ferguson 175 dealerships bothered to do a “price comparison” … we always considered them “high-end” tractors … I only met one family with an MF, and that’s because the mother had a good! remunerated job! I think those who sold a lot were financing themselves.

When I think back to the early ’70s, I bet our well-used 1941 9N was worth about half what the whole set was worth. Then things got worse when the 200 came out, remember Willy Nelson’s “help the farm” concerts? It was a good time not to have to continue cultivating.

I have a later diesel, I think a 74. It has a multipoint, a remote control, and an 18.4-30 power adjustment rubber. I bought it with the intention of starting it up and selling it. He sat in a barn for years with a cracked block. The water pump was leaking so they poured water on it. It never drained in the winter. It only had 1700 hours on it. I used it a bit and decided to keep it. A very practical hay tractor. Multipower broadcasts get a bad rap around here but I love it. I’ve put another 300 hours on it and the only problem I’ve had is the power steering pump. I would take one of these over a deere the same size and from the same era, and I usually lean to the deere side.

I think of the 150, 175 and 1080 as “shoehorn” models. Shoehorn in the sense that they were add-on models that made their way into the model line of the previous series. We never saw many of these shoehorn models sold in our area back in the day. We had a lot of 35, 65, super 90 (almost no 85) that were sold locally. Then when the new series came out, those same-size models kept selling, but the in-between models didn’t catch on quickly.
We saw a lot of 135, 165, 180, 1100, and 1130 sold, but very few 150, 175, and 1080 when the new series came out.

I suspect that the main reason they did not sell well in our area was that farmers were a bit suspicious of the new sizes being offered. It seems that everything new takes a while to become fashionable.

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